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I am a California-licensed psychologist (license number PSY19421). I’ve been providing psychotherapy and coaching in my private office in Encino, California since 2003 and I’ve provided personal coaching via the telephone since 2005. I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to occupy various roles as a licensed psychologist. From 2006 through 2016, I served as the Director of a clinic at a university, where I supervised the training of doctoral students while also providing psychotherapy and consultation to the campus community.

I earned my Juris Doctorate from the University of Michigan Law School. Soon thereafter I worked in a small law firm in Southern California where I was engaged primarily in litigation work. I liked litigation work very much. I embraced the goal of helping to see to it that the justice system dealt with my clients’ interests in the way to which they were entitled. Still, I was always interested in the emotional struggles that accompany lawsuits. After a great deal of introspection, I made the decision to return to graduate school to earn Masters and Ph.D.degrees and to become a Psychologist. I chose Southern Illinois University because it offered a highly regarded and fully accredited, American Psychological Association Approved Counseling Psychology doctoral program. Housed within the Psychology department, SIU-C’s program provides students exposure to a great number of talented psychology professors conducting research in a number of areas within the fields of Clinical, Counseling and Experimental Psychology. At SIU-C I also made the most of extraordinarily diverse clinical training opportunities. View my curriculum vitae.

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My client and I work as a team to arrive at a clearer understanding of the challenges they are confronting and of the methods they can use to overcome difficulties.
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