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Are Attorneys Society’s Canaries in a Coal Mine?Attorney Mental Health Series: Part 1

Attorneys may very well be our canary in a cole mine. Attorneys play a vital role in our society. So many of our conflicts are played out with the assistance of attorneys. In fact, attorneys also represent, in sheer numbers, quite a significant proportion of our society (roughly 1.3 million in the U.S.). The significance […]

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Who Provides Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapist Psychotherapist is just a general term that describes anyone who provides “talking therapy.” Licensure is not required for a person to call himself or herself a “psychotherapist.” NOTE: Unfortunately, a person’s degree does not, alone, reveal whether that person is an effective psychotherapist. There are effective and ineffective providers in each of the categories […]


Depression Treatment

What is Depression? One way to think of Depression is to think of it as a focus on the past. When we feel depressed, we have the sense that something has occurred that has taken away our ability to lead a happy life—now or in the future. If we are only slightly depressed, we feel […]


Anxiety Treatment

What is Anxiety? Anxiety is a common reason for seeking psychotherapy. A person’s anxiety may be so severe that he/she cannot function, or he/she may function very well despite excessive nervousness and distractibility. Anxiety disorders are uncomfortable and yet they often respond very well to effective, active psychotherapies that incorporate cognitive-behavioral methods. Obsessive- Compulsive Disorder […]