Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE)

Mandatory Continuing Legal Education

The State Bar of California considers the mental and emotional health of it’s lawyer members to be extremely important. As a result, licensed attorneys must receive continuing education that focuses on the nature and causes of the use and abuse of alcohol or recreational drugs. I offer one-hour courses focusing on Substance Abuse that fulfill the State Bar of California’s requirement. I provide this training in the requesting law firm’s offices, provided the space is suitable. This enables attorneys to complete this piece of their required training quickly and conveniently.

I charge only a nominal fee for teaching continuing education courses. One reason I do this is I enjoy teaching these courses. As a university faculty member, I choose to lecture often. I find group lectures can provide an excellent learning environment if the presentation is interactive and flexible. My presentations are dynamic and collaborative, drawing on the participants’ needs and concerns to shape the content. There is always much more that could be covered than the hour permits. As a result, I take great care in ensuring that the presentations always focus not only on the signs of drug abuse but also on the process of abuse. In addition, it is vitally important to examine the relationship drug and alcohol abuse bears to stress. The developmental process underlying drug and alcohol abuse is also discussed. This developmental process is complex and idiosyncratic. For this reason, my presentations provide not only a description of the process, but also an opportunity to discuss these processes with the particular participants present. In this way, every training is unique and is tailored to the particular participants’ interests.