Payment is due at the beginning of the appointment, via check, cash or credit card. Payment can be made prior to the appointment via mail to the office address, listed below. If a receipt is desired for submission to an insurance company for reimbursement, please request it via email.


Payment is provided prior to the service provision. If a receipt is desired, please request it via email.


The fee for a 45 minute psychotherapy appointment is $175.00.

Other Services

In addition to psychotherapy appointments, the fee is $200 per hour for other professional services you may need. These services are charged by the quarter hour if I work for periods of less than one hour.

  • Other services include:
    • Report writing
    • Telephone conversations lasting longer than ten minutes
    • Attendance at meetings with other professionals you have authorized
    • Preparation of records or treatment summaries
    • Time spent performing any other service you may request of me


Due to the complexity of legal involvement, I charge $350 per hour for preparation and attendance at any legal proceeding. Although I am a licensed attorney, my participation would not include my providing legal advice or representation. I ask that you reimburse me for the time I am asked to participate even if I am called to testify by another party.

Forms of Payment

Payments may be made via cash, check or credit card.

Dr. Alan Goodwin’s office is located at the following address:

Dr. Alan Goodwin
16055 Ventura Blvd.
Suite 507
Encino, CA 91436