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To all prospective clients:

I am a psychologist (licensed by the California Board of Psychology) and an attorney (licensed by the State Bar of California). I am a member of the Los Angeles County Psychological Association. I created this site to assist people who are considering working with me to get to know me and the psychotherapy I provide. I especially like that you can do this at your leisure and without the pressure that sometimes accompanies discussions with professionals. It can be very difficult to ask a professional, whether that person is a psychologist, a physician, a lawyer or some other professional, about academic preparation, techniques utilized in the professional practice, and other questions that help you to decide if you think you will benefit from working with that person. Such questions are inherently evaluative and many polite people find it difficult to engage in those types of discussions.

I also created this website because the work I do is highly collaborative. My client and I work as a team to arrive at a clearer understanding of the challenges they are confronting and of the methods they can use to overcome difficulties. For this reason, it’s essential that my clients make a conscious, knowing choice regarding our working together. So, a vital function this website serves is to assist prospective clients as they weigh that important decision.

I hope that you find the website to be both informative and encouraging. I can certainly help you to change, if you’d like to do that. We can change the ways you behave and the ways you interpret experiences and both of those can bring about dramatic changes in your mood states. If there are questions or concerns the website does not address, I’d be grateful to receive that feedback and will gladly offer a prompt response. To pass this information on to me, please do so via email or via a telephone message, whichever is more convenient.

Dr. Alan Goodwin
(323) 445-8900

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Some people have never worked with a psychotherapist, and those people may want to know exactly how I work with clients. Others have been in therapy and so they know how their past therapist worked with them but they may wonder how my work would be similar or different.
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Personal Coaching:

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Personal coaching is similar to psychotherapy in the sense that both involve helping relationships that involve talking and acquisition of insight as the initial agents of change. In coaching, the work is more focused on achievement of the goals than on understanding why the goal was not being achieved previously.
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