Psychotherapy for Attorneys and Law Students

As a licensed attorney, I had the opportunity to personally experience the stress associated with the work of a litigator. Much of the psychological research I have conducted has focused on the ways in which the practice of law can impact negatively on lawyers’ emotional well-being. My work with attorneys is something in which I feel a personal investment.

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As a psychologist, I have examined the stresses experienced by law students. In recent years, law schools have become much more aware of the negative impact the Socratic Method can have on students. One result has been that many law schools make psychotherapy and counseling services available to their students. Schools also have in certain cases educated their faculty regarding the destructive impact the Socratic Method can have on students and the relatively poor generalizability classroom performance often has to the actual practice of law. I find the work I do with law students to be particularly fulfilling. It’s very important to note that a psychologist need not have attended law school or become an attorney in order to be extremely helpful to law students. Still, I find the attorneys and law students with whom I work have often sought me out because I had those experiences and have chosen methods of psychotherapy that I believe will suit many lawyers’ and law students’ learning and personality styles well.

Prospective Clients:

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My client and I work as a team to arrive at a clearer understanding of the challenges they are confronting and of the methods they can use to overcome difficulties.